Thursday 21 August 2014

The Robots : Kraftwerk

After yesterday's disaster of a robot song, it's high time I let the Germans demonstrate how to do 'it' properly. What can I say about this seminal robot song that you won't already know?  It's one of the greatest and best known robots songs of all time... and space. The Robots was originally released Kraftwerk's 1978 LP 'The Man Machine', but this version is from their 1991 LP 'The Mix'.

[easter eggs]

Since The Robots is so well known and so well loved, here's a couple of cover versions for your listening pleasure. From the 2009 LP '8-Bit Operators', The Robots is given a well deserved 8-bit treatment by Bacalao, which sounds even more futuristic in its retro-tronic bindings.

This one has got to be heard to be believed, from the distant future, the year 2000, it's Senor Coconut with his samba-sonic cover of The Robots.

...more easter eggs are lurking for those who can be bothered to hunt.

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