Sunday, 15 January 2017

My Robotic Skin is Bleeding / Screen Addiction : Beardyman and the Masters of Distraction

I'm writing this post as this song is being composed and performed live on the fly on BBC Radio 6 Music. This isn't 'hot off the press'. it's not even on the press, yet... but it's a robot song that's fresher than a fresh thing in fresher's week.

The premise is, listeners of Tom Robinson's Now Playing show send in titles to songs that don't exist and the superbly talented Beardyman and his band, the Masters of Distraction are making the songs up live, improvised and synthesised.

You can could listen to the entire show here... but they're only available for a month after broadcast. Beardyman's hour long live and improvised set is 60 minutes in and the song, My Robotic Skin is Bleeding / Screen Addiction is a 105 minutes in (that's about an hour and three-quarters in imperial). I'll also give a shout to Ben Oldham who suggested the 'robotic skin' half of the title and thus, inspired the robot theme of the song... great work Ben! :)

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