Monday, 6 October 2014

Android Attack : The Androids

I'm not sure what to say about this band because information is thin on the ground. They formed in Edinburgh in the mid seventies and according to the description on YouTube, released one single in 1981 titled Robot Riot (I doubt it's the same Robot Riot I posted back in July, but would love to hear it).

This song, Android Attack, is from 1978 and as stated in the credits on the video, this version was recorded around 1980. The details don't really matter because here on 101 Songs About robots it's all about the music. Android Attack is jumpy, punky and ticks all the boxes a good robot song should!

The song and video was uploaded to YouTube by former band member and writer of Android Attack, Craig Herbertson, so maybe, just maybe... he'll shed some light on The Androids.


  1. Yes, indeed. Great to see the interest in the old band and nice to see lots of robots, something I was obviously obsessed with (and still am) There's some information on the band here

    1. Blimey! I got some artist interaction! Nice to hear from you Craig, and thanks for posting that link... it brought back memories of my own dreams of pop/rock stardom... but you got as far as actually learning to play... i thought simply owning a guitar was enough (they made it look so easy on Top of the Pops).

      I've love to hear Robot Riot, and of course add it to my blog.... I've no intention of stopping when I reach 101 songs about robots as there's still a couple of hundred left on my ever growing list.