Friday, 17 October 2014

Spirit of the Age : Hawkwind

The first song I posted on 101 Songs About Robots was Hawkwind's Robot, so by way of book-ending, song number 101 is also by Hawkwind and is taken from their classic album 'Quark Strangeness and Charm'. Spirit of the Age is a song about intergalactic space travel and cloning, but has a robotic theme at its heart with the lyric "Your android replica is playing up again". Written by Dave Brock and Robert Calvert, Spirit of the Age has got to be one of Hawkwind's greatest moments. As with Robot, Calvert delivers his lyrics as a spoken-song whilst the space rockers behind him provide the solid chugging rhythm that keeps this song sounding as futuristic and dystopic today as I'm sure it did back in 1977.

Finally my blog lives up to its name: 101 Songs About Robots! 

This is not the end by a long chalk, but it is the end of me feeling the need to post a robot song a day... which I must admit is a bit of a relief. There's plenty more robot songs to come, including a Halloween and Xmas special, so stay tuned, follow this blog and revel in all things robotic as we stomp, strum and sing our way towards 1001 Songs About Robots!

I've added my favourite robot songs from the blog to the 101 Songs About Robots... RADIO! playlist, although there's only eighty-odd songs at time of writing... it'll get there eventually. I've also added a Robot Party Playlist to the RADIO page, featuring around half an hour of robotic children's songs, and I have more themed playlists in mind such as Robot Rock, Fembot-Funk, Cyber-Punk and Prog-Bots.

Please send me your own robot song suggestions via the comments. If you can't be bothered to trawl through all my daily posts, have a look at the A-Z Index to see what's already been posted.




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