Saturday, 4 October 2014

Fortress Europe : Asian Dub Foundation

I first came across ADF 'back in the day' when I grabbed a copy of Naxalite on 12". It certainly stood out from the crowd with its blend of rap, punk, rock, ragga, dub, D&B and bhangra that flung the senses from pillar to post and back again. ADF emerged out of a community education organisation in Hackney, East London in the early 1990s and released their debut album in 1995, but today's song is taken from their 2003 LP titled 'Enemy of the Enemy'.

Fortress Europe isn't a song about robots, however it does reference robots in the lyrics with "robot guards patrolling the border" and "cybernetic dogs getting closer and closer", so it does pass my relatively strict vetting process for what constitutes a 'robot song'... Plus, the 'cybernetic dogs' reference makes Fortress Europe a nice linky with yesterday's robot song.

Clearly, Fortress Europe also featured on the soundtrack to the video game, N.F.S. Underground.

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