Thursday, 16 October 2014

My Robot : Looper

Looper hail from Glasgow and are fronted by ex Belle & Sebastian bassist Stuart David. I've been longing to post this beautiful little robo-ditty for ages... but wanted to put it somewhere significant. So here it is as track number 100; My Robot by Looper

*Unfortunately, the charming fan-vid was blocked in the UK   :( ...looks like it's available again! :D
 (I hope it lasts this time, I love this video)

My Robot is taken from their second LP titled 'The Geometrid' (2000) and also featured on the film 'The Girl Next Door' as well as on the Xbox video game 'Project Gotham Racing'.

Tune in tomorrow for song number 101... the song that will finally make this blog live up to its name!

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