Friday, 3 October 2014

Robot Dog : MC Chris

I can't believe I actually forgot to post yesterday's robot song... but since I'm the only person on planet earth who's paying any attention whatsoever to this blog, I doubt anyone else noticed... or cared. It's not for you pesky humans anyway... it's to appease our future robot masters and to hopefully save me from whatever dastardly fate they have planned for humanity.

Today's robot song (which should have been yesterday's robot song) follows in the footsteps, or paw prints, of Logan Whitehurst's fabtastic Robot Cat. It's about robot-man's other best friend... Robot Dog. Penned and performred by MC Chris, the nerdcore rap-hop artist, Robot Dog is taken fom his 2004 LP 'Eating's Not Cheating'. In keeping with rap-hop tradition, there is a little bit of swearing, so pump up the volume kids... grown ups might be listening!

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