Sunday, 26 October 2014

One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21 : The Flaming Lips

It was whilst listening to The Flaming Lips that I had the initial idea for 101 Songs About Robots. At the time the prospect of actually finding 101 robot songs seemed like a real challenge, but since this is song number 103, I guess the challenge has been met... but it's a long way from being over.

I had the pleasure of watching The Flaming Lips perform in front of the lovely Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank a few years ago. They're certainly not my favourite band, nor do they exhibit exceptional musical tallent, but they certainly know how to put on a good show. The location, the light-show, the lasers, the confetti canons and everything else The Flaming Lips gave to the audience all adds up to the best concert I've ever attended. I've already posted Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots pt. 1, so today I'm posting another robot song from that same album... One More Robot / Sympathy 3000-21 ...a symphonic chill pill that marks the moment when one more robot becomes more than just a machine.

The video has been cobbled together with scenes from the Anime flick 'Ghost in the Shell'.

Don't miss my robotic Halloween Special... coming up on er.... Halloween!

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