Friday, 16 January 2015

I Am Robot : The Phenomenauts

I can't believe I've failed to post one of The Phenomenauts' great many robot songs until now! Shame on me. When it comes to writing & singing songs about robots, they're probably more prolific than Jonathan Coulton and David Zed and even Gary bloody Numan put together!!! The Phenomenauts landed on Earth in the distant future (the year 2000) and have made Earth's Capital their permanent home. For what reason? We do not know... but what we do know is that The Phenomenauts, unlike The She Creatures are here to help humanity become something more, something bigger, something better and possibly sweatier than ever before.

With a back catalogue as long as my robot arm, The Phenomenauts are on a mission to educate through the medium of entertainment utilising the latest guerilla tactics. Heck! They've even been played on the ISS, and not many punky post punk punksters can lay claim to that! With so many robot themed songs to choose from, it's difficult to chose which one to post first, so I'll go for the one at the top of my ever expanding list of songs about robots, which just happens to be titled I Am Robot.

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