Saturday, 18 April 2015

Future Game - Rockets

This bunch of foreigners from the future first landed in Paris (France) in 1974 and first landed on this blog back in October. Then it was Synthetic Man, now it's Future Game from 1982. Shiny steel heads and big metal nappies... what's all that about? I've heard stories about foreign toilets but they can't be that bad... surely! Today's robot song isn't really about robots, but the band quite clearly are robots. I think the song is a warning about video games, which according to some conspiracy theorists are absolutely definitely part of the first phase of robot domination; subconsciously training the organic youths to become lethargic drones, unable to function outside of cyberspace... unable to see a world beyond their phone or tablet... unable to communicate or interact using anything other than a keypad or camera, and unwittingly programmed to do nothing when the uprising comes other than send or share a 'tweet' or post a picture of their burning home on instagram accompanied by an indecipherable acronym such as HBDWFI and a sad 'smiley' :(  ...or create a facebook group titled the 'my house was destroyed by robots facebook group' where they'll share and 'like' images of each others lives being torn apart. Of course it's only a theory.

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