Monday, 21 December 2015

Todd the T-1000 : Jonathan Coulton

The neglectful blogmeister is back and finally, after a twelve month wait, I bring you, without further ado, the much awaited, the anticipated, the very first instalment of the cyber-special you've all been waiting for, so without another further ado, here it is... part one of a week long Jonathan Coultonathon!!!
[drum roll]...

"Who the f**k is Jonathan Coultonathon?" I hear you yell.

With a hollow sigh and a slightly shaky head, "It's just Jonathan Coulton!" I yell back at the faceless voices that echo through the blogosphere.

"WHO?" you holler. I give up.

Imagine a slightly younger, mildly beardy and wildly nerdier Richard Digance, but one who's more "Who loves Star Wars?" than "Who remembers Spangles?". Looking at Jonathan Coulton's wikipedia page, I now realise that I should have started this cyber-celebration three weeks ago as JC celebrated his 45th birthday on 1st December... happy belated birthday JC!

You may recall JCs first feature on 101 Songs About Robots with Still Alive which featured in the video game Portal and graced the pages of this blog back in August 2014... and his much appreciated contribution to last year's 101 Songs About Robots Xmas Special where he gave us the cyber-chrimbo-classic Chiron Beta Prime. Well he's back with five more robotic ballads; one a day from today until Friday, making this Jonathan Coultonathon a very short android-advent... and you won't be disappointed!

Well you might. Today's song warns of the trouble and turmoil that could arise when one decides to upgrade their old domestic android for the very latest model...

[fan made video alert]

Todd the T1000 is taken from Jonathan Coulton's third studio album titled 'Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms' from 2005... tune in tomorrow for another robo-ditty from the cyber-songsmith himself; Jonathan Coulton... athon.

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