Friday, 28 October 2016

Cyborg 101 : Bonecage

I'm quite fond of a parody song. I'm also quite fond of Duran Duran and have been wondering if their late 90s single Electric Barbarella counts as robot song or not... although admittedly, I haven't studied the lyrics for a definite robo-reference. I'm more of a Rio / Seven & the Ragged Tiger era Duranee and Hungry Like the Wolf was one of my favourites. Here, it's been reworked as an homage to the classic cyber-thriller Terminator and although a bit underwhelming... it is bang on topic so here it is, Bonecage's Terminator/Hungry Like the Wolf parody, Cyborg 101.

I won't leave it quite so long before my next post... but I've said that before, so who knows?
In the mean time, keep on robot-rocking!

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