Sunday, 16 November 2014

Ska Robot Army : The Aquabats

Once again it's Ska Sunday here on 101 Songs About Robots, making it 111 songs about robots!!!

Last week, doing a regular Ska Sunday seemed like a great idea, but this week I've realised that I only have two robot ska tracks... so this fledgeling feature is about to come to an abrupt end. Unless of course my loyal readers can point me in the direction of some more robo-ska.

I've previously featured The Aquabats with their excellent Giant Robot Birdhead, and Aquabat front man MC Bat Commander also sang the chorus on last week's This Gigantic Robot Kills... so it should come as no surprise that this second and final instalment of Ska Sunday comes courtesy of The Aquabats. Taken from their 1996 debut album titled 'The Return of the Aquabats', it's Ska Robot Army.

At least Ska Sunday ended on a high note.

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