Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Robot Song : Project: Out of Bounds

As a warm-up for Ska Sunday, here's a reggae influenced robot song by San Diego's Project: Out of Bounds. From their Facebook page...
"Project Out of Bounds is a progressive reggae-fusion band that has been taking California venues by surprise for the last five years. In a musical age where success is manifested through kissing ass and blasting social media sites, P.O.B. is the band that lets their art speak for itself. Their music is creative, edgy, and hip. They usually sneak under the radar right before sucker punching the crowd with an explosion of energy. They have accumulated a fan-base of true music aficionados that don’t buy into hype. Yes, this is a band for the true music fan, not just the reggae fan."

Need I say more?

See you tomorrow on Ska Sunday!

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