Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Clean Up Robot : Mark D. Pencil

Those of you who aren't fortunate enough to be in possession of an actual clean up robot can compromise by simply getting one or more of your kids to fill the role. For best results, start training them from a young age to ensure that the concept of cleaning is fun is fully instilled in their tiny ignorant minds long before they realise that it's a tiresome and tedious chore. When done properly, your little darlings will not only clean up after themselves but will happily clean up after you and your friends too.

Children may be more expensive than most domestic appliances, but they take up much less space. A well trained child can work for many years with a little daily nourishment and provide regular respite from the humdrum of housework for parents and guardians. Professional child programmer Mark D Pencil has created a wide range of applications in audio format, and has kindly provided today's robot song. Taken from 'Leaning With Hip-Hop' is Clean Up Robot: a child friendly application that is invaluable to both parents and teachers, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that fealty and fidelity can be fun.

Of course that's just a two minute taster... the full ten hour version is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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