Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Humans Are Dead : Flight of the Conchords

All the way from New Zealand on the other side of the world, and almost as famous as that other band from New Zealand, it's Flight of the Conchords with their ode to robots... The Humans Are Dead.


This song also featured on the Flight of the Conchords' TV show which, to be honest, wasn't as good as their live stuff... hence posting them performing the song live and not a clip from the TV show.

[easter egg]

Those of you who bothered to click into this post have been rewarded with a totally exclusive video for The Humans Are Dead, (AKA Robots).

Actually it's not exclusive, it's been on YouTube for ages.
More easter eggs can be found on 101 S.A.R. by those who bother to look... but don't tell everyone  ;)

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