Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Dirty Robots : Adam Buxton

Adam Buxton, AKA Dr Buckles, Captain Buckles, The Buckmeister or my favourite, the Bearded Baby Man Thing, along with his pal Joe Cornish, AKA Cornballs, used to make Saturday mornings worth getting out of bed for. With regular features including Text The Nation and Song Wars, from which today's song about robots is taken, Adam & Joe gave the British public three hours of whit and wisdom until their weekly BBC 6 Music radio show sadly ended when Cornballs got himself a proper job.

I think this song was penned in 2008 after Adam & Joe were set the challenge of writing a song on the theme of family friendly erotica. Cornballs gave us the wonderful Dr Sexy, which isn't about robots and Buckles gave us Dirty Robots, which I think you'll find is about robots... It didn't take long for one of their loyal fans to bodge a video together and upload the song to YouTube, and here it is... Adam Buxton's Dirty Robots, complete with its (slightly disturbing in places) fan made video.

I might have to cobble a new video together because Adam 'Buckles' Buxton deserves better than this.

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