Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Mr. Roboto : Styx

Mr Roboto is included on most top X robot song lists... which is why I've waited so long to post it. From their 1983 concept album, 'Kilroy Was Here', Mr. Roboto reached number 3 in the US charts, number 1 in Canada and suffered a disappointing peak at number 90 here in the UK :( . Admittedly there was a lot of strong competition in '83... but when the likes of Rod (are you dead yet?) Stewart gets to number 1, Mike (boring) Oldfield reaches to number 4 and Tina (bloody) Turner peaks at number 6, I think we should hang our heads in shame that this classic robot song barely broke into the UKs top 100.

Here it is, in all its glory, the shamefully underrated Mr. Roboto by Styx.

In an attempt to make up for our collective failings, I urge all UK residents to throw this song at least a three star vote!

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