Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Country Robot : The Incredible Moses Leroy

Beautiful song by The Incredible Moses Leroy...

There's very little I can say about this song, and even less about The Incredible Moses Leroy. I discovered it many years ago when I first started putting together a collection of robot themed songs and was instantly hooked. Sung from the perspective of The Tin Man character from The Wizard of Oz, and set seemingly long after the events of the story, Country Robot/A Letter to Dorothy reveals our Tin Man to be lost, empty and melancholic... wondering where his future will take him and reminiscing of a much happier past that shall remain forever lost... the miserable sod!  Cheer up and count your blessings Tin Man!! I don't see The Incredible Moses Leroy writing songs about the scarecrow or the lion, or Dorothy for that matter... and even if he did, I wouldn't be blogging about it!

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