Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I'm Seein' Robots : Kool Keith

There's a bit of a pattern going on here (apart from the obvious one)... Jerry Butler attempts to sweet talk a lover by proposing to be her mechanical man if she simply 'turns him on' (ooh yeah baby), David Zed seems convinced that he is a robot, Marina Diamandis makes it perfectly clear that she isn't a robot, and Sheila Ward claims she owns a robot, so it should come as no surprise that Kool Keith appears to be seeing robots... passing him by, everyday!

I'm Seein' Robots is taken from the 1999 LP 'Lost in Space' and the first to be recorded under the alias Black Elvis... however it didn't perform too well and Keith blamed this on his label not being pro-active enough in promoting the album. Maybe if he'd chosen not to adopt the wank-tastic 'Black Elvis' alias, things might have been better. After all he could have chosen one of his many other aliases which include Dr Octagon, Dr Dooom, Dr Ultra or maybe even Poppa Large... or just stuck with Kool Keith, a name that in my mind, fits his talent and lyrical prowess perfectly.

[easter egg] this isn't a song but I like it, so I decided to sneak it into an
old post as a kind of hidden freebie Easter Egg type thing... enjoy :)

...if you want more Easter Eggs, you'll have to hunt through the archive ;P

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