Thursday, 31 July 2014

Robot Man : Connie Francis

Olden goldies, golden oldies, olden goolies... whatever you want to call them, they take some beating! This B-side from Connie Francis' 1960 single Mama went down well with fans, but Robot Man didn't go down quite so well with the singer. In an interview Connie Francis is quoted as saying:
I thought it was the dumbest song I ever recorded. [sings] "I'd just have to wind him with a Robot key ... I'd have a steady date seven nights a week, and he would never cheat, 'cause it would be impossible for him to see." ...What a dumb song!
It is kind of dumb but most pop music is, and Stupid Cupid can hardly claim the intellectual high ground here. Like it or not, Robot Man evokes a number of 1950s clich├ęs, from doe eyed girls in voluminous petticoats to those menacing yet maudlin movie robots. It could do without the squawking backing singers, but maybe they too are part of Robot Man's charm.

This is not to be confused with Robot Man by the Scorpions, or Robot Man by The Aliens, or even Robot Man by The Vindictives (which is a Scorpions cover). The Gymslips did however do a cover of Connie Francis' Robot Man, and the song also features in the comedy/musical, or 'comical'... (no that doesn't work) ... the musical comedy, Return to the Forbidden Planet.  I think Robot Man is an absolute cracker of a robot song. But what about you lot?  Leave a comment and/or cast your vote to secure or deny Robot Man a place in the top 101 Songs About Robots.

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