Sunday, 13 July 2014

Love Machine : The Miracles

What's with all these 'on topic' robot songs?! You may ask. Well, it is a blog dedicated to songs about robots, so what did you expect? But surely there's a place for James Brown's Sex Machine or the Jackson Five's Dancing Machine, maybe even Goldfrapp's Strict Machine... I hear you yell. They're all good tunes and they're all vaguely on topic... and who knows, one day they may all find a place on 101 Songs About Robots!

I'm not going to let a tenuous link get in the way of posting a good tune, nor am I going to let one the biggest fashion faux-pas in pop stop me... so ladies and gentlemen, robots and robettes, please put your limbs together for... The Miracles. "Oughoughoughough Yeah!"

I guess there's also a place for Girls Aloud's different song of the same name, Love Machine... but let's save that for another day.

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