Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Robots : Clokworx

A lovely bit of mellow rap-hop (or whatever you kids call it these days), and one of several songs I'll be posting that is simply titled 'Robots' (original eh?). I don't think this is strictly about robots in the traditional mechanical circuits and wires sense of the word, but more about us humans acting like robots... doing what we're told, when we're told, never questioning, never faltering in our obedience... whilst the corporations run the governments and the CIA run the corporations and the Illuminati runs the CIA and the Druids nick into Stonehenge twice a year without paying... it's a conspiracy I tell you!!

But enough of my ramblings... rap-hop rebels Clokworx can explain the whole conspiracy thingy far more eloquently than I.

Regardless of whether you take the conspiracy theory subject matter seriously or not, it's a beautifully crafted piece of work and one of my favourite robot rap-hop songs. However I'm not sure about the date of this track as the YouTube uploaders state it's from their 2002 LP 'Microchips', but a couple of the comments claim it's from 1997. Maybe it took five years for the LP to come out? For the time being I'm going to assume it is from '97, but if anyone can clarify, please let me know.

 [easter egg]

Even more Easter Eggs can be found on 101 Songs About Robots... it's just a case of finding them ;)

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