Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Robots Dance : Classix Nouveaux

How come music from the 80s sounds much more futuristic than modern pop music? Well I guess the simple answer is that the 80s are the future (not 'were'). We may look back and baulk at some of the clothes and hairstyles... and don't forget those shoulder pads!  Fact is, we just weren't ready for the future of fashion in which gender trends collided in resplendent glory. Boys wearing lipstick and blusher should have been a marketing dream for the cosmetics companies, but sadly, the 80 were too far ahead of the times, and still are. What's all that got to do with robots? Not much... but this piece of throbbing gristle from Classix Nouveaux has everything to do with robots... wah ha hah hahahaah!

This live recording is by far the best sounding version of Classix Nouveaux's first single I can find.

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