Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rock 'n' Roll Robot

Two versions of Rock 'n' Roll Robot for your listening pleasure. The first, which I assume is the original is sung almost entirely in Foreign, apart from the words 'rock' and 'roll'... and 'robot' (and of course 'and'). I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for the cover of the single that features strongly in the 'video'... you might think you're 'eye candy' Alberto, but you're not... in fact, looking at you makes me love the eighties a little bit less. Nice robot song though.

The second is a cover version by Ustmamo', released in 2003*. I know nothing about this band/artist other than the fact they've turned Alberto Camerini's camp pop-lemon into a smooth and slinky slice of synthesised bliss cake. It's even got a nice video too. It'd be handy to know what the lyrics are, but that's my own fault for not paying enough attention in language class.

* This song appears on their 2003 compilation album UstBestMamo and was their final release before the group split. Their version of Rock 'n' Roll Robot may well be earlier than 2003, but I'm yet to find any evidence... please let me know if I've got my facts wrong :)

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