Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Criminal Robots : Fingathing

I've been in two minds as to whether this track should be included in 101 Songs About Robots or not. It's mostly an instrumental tune with a robotic sample, which on its own wouldn't normally be enough to qualify as a 'song'. But it's scraped through by the skin of its teeth for two reasons.  1: I've been a fan of Fingathing since I heard Just Practice back in the distant future... the year 2000, so am proud to include them on my blog. 2: The YouTube uploader (youcycloptictube) produced a great accompanying video that works perfectly with the tune, so I'm proud to include their work on my blog too.

It's arguably not really a 'song' about a robot, but it's certainly not the most tenuous robot song that will be found on these pages. Feel free to comment, discuss, rant, argue or be plain abusive as to whether or not Fingathing's Criminal Robots' is an acceptable robot song.

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