Monday, 25 August 2014

14 Zero Zero : Console

There seems to be a theme within a theme going on on 101 Songs About Robots. Over the last few days I've posted The Mechanical Man from the 1960s, The Robots from the '70s, R.O.B.O.T. and Cyborg Dance from the '80s... so today, it only seems right to post a robot song with a robotic voice from the 1990s... and it's not been easy!  Songs about robots seem to be a bit thin on the ground in the '90s, and those I have don't feature a good robotic voice, so I've spent the morning scouring the interweb to find one, and found one I have.

Console is a one man band fronted (and backed) by Martin Gretschmann; a prolific programmer who's also part of the German indie-electronica band The Notwist. He's worked on five albums with The Notwist and has released a further twelve albums as Console, as well as collaborating with a heap of other artists. Taken from the 1999 re-issue of his 1998 LP 'Rocket in the Pocket' is 14 Zero Zero.

I dunno about you lot but I'll certainly be checking out the rest of Console's output.


  1. Console actually made a very strange and compelling cover version of The Smiths record There Is A Light which is worth checking out

    1. Sounds interesting... although I've so far failed to find it anywhere online.

      I once spent weeks trying to find an LP by a recording duo called Toy (not 'that' Toy)... all i had was one track titled 'Goldfish in Pool', and all Google gave me was hundreds of web pages selling toy goldfishes, with or without a pool. Today I've found out all sorts about the blue light of death on gaming consoles which seemingly never goes out... but nothing regarding a song titled 'There is a Light that Never Goes Out' by Console.