Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Giant Robot-Birdhead : The Aquabats

This has got to be one of my favourite robot songs to date. I'd have never heard of The Aquabats if I hadn't started scouring the interweb for songs about robots, and I'm glad I did. When they're not saving the world from a horde of evil foes, they're singing about saving the world from a horde of evil foes... and even their songs which aren't about robots are mostly excellent and I wholeheartedly recommend the rest of their catalogue. Formed in 1994 and still going strong, The Aquabats recorded Giant Robot-Birdhead in 1999 for their third album: The Aquabats vs. The Floating Eye of Death.

[easter egg]
I also found this advert for the 'official' Giant Robot Birdhead toy whilst wasting my life lurking on YouTube, which just has to be posted for all the obvious reasons.

Thanks Aquabats! The world is a much safer place with you than it would be without you.

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