Thursday, 14 August 2014

Still Alive : GLaDOS

I've never been very good at these newfangled video game thingamajigs... even as a kid I couldn't really summon even the most basic level of hand/eye co-ordination to get beyond the first few levels of any game, no matter how basic its game play. Shame really as I love the idea of them, especially Portal, from which today's robot song is taken. If I was adept at video games, I'd have a bash at Portal. I imagine that after completing level after level of ever increasing difficulty, I'd eventually be rewarded with this beautiful yet haunting song by GLaDOS, the main antagonist in the game's storyline. But since I'm totally & utterly pants at video games, I'll not bother trying and take the easy route* to hearing Still Alive.

*the 'easy route' is clicking play by the way :)

Still Alive is written by Jonathan Coulton and this is his first feature on 101 Songs About Robots... but it certainly won't be his last.

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