Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Sexy Robot : Black Nylon Corporation

I know virtually nothing about this Spanish disco funk act apart from the fact that they're called Black Nylon Corporation and have so far released one single titled My Sexy Robot. Written, performed and produced by one Carlo Coupé and recorded in 2013, this ode to automaton rumpy-pumpy sparkles in every direction... and really is one for all those lovers down there in the dark.

Whilst devouring that slice of easy funk cake, I've discovered that Carlo Coupé has also released two albums titled 'Estereo Espectacular' (2000) and 'Mis Balas Llevan Tu Nombre' (2002), as well as being one half of the duet Penelope Y Carlo, who released the album 'Musica Para Un Guateque Sideral' in 1999... so it appears that Black Nylon Corporation is just the latest project from Carlo Coupé: real name Jesús Trujilo (the bloke with the 'tash), and My Sexy Robot is the first of hopefully many more releases.

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