Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Amazing Robot Girlfriend : Rhett & Link

Enough of these robots going on and on and on about exacting their revenge on humanity and how lonely they are or how they dance like robots (quelle surprise!) or exactly how floppy or hard their peripheral components may or may not be... what we need is a human perspective.

Rhett and Link are one of those newfangled internetertainer duos, in that they entertain via the internet and bizarrely, seem to make a living from it whilst keeping their clothes on! They have what some would call a dream job... make a silly video, watch it go viral and earn sh!t loads from the online advertising. The only thing I've had go viral is only ever mentioned in hushed tones as I pick up my prescription at the chemists.

[easter egg]
Although this does include a song, it's a sketch and therefore hidden here as one of the several easter eggs that can be found on 101 Songs About Robots...

...and remember kids, if you're casting a vote, please vote on the song, not the easter egg :)

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