Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Robot Song : The Radioactive Grandma

From County Cavan in the Irish border region is The Radioactive Grandma; a threesome of lads who play guitars and bang on a box and sing songs and most importantly of all... sing a song about a robot!  If you like their Robot Song, have a listen to the rest of their début album and maybe even buy it!  The album sounds great and I get the feeling these guys sound even better live, so if they're playing anywhere near you, go and have a look and a listen... and guys, if you're playing anywhere near me... let me know!

So here it is, track number five on their self titled 2012 début album, Robot Song by The Radioactive Grandma... they even made a video for Robot Song which is nothing short of utterly charming.

If any song deserves a place in the top 101 songs about robots, it's this one... I've cast my vote*, have you cast yours?

*let me know via the comments if you can't see the voting widget, and let me know which browser you're using... I know it doesn't appear on my Android phone, and I understand some IE users aren't seeing it either... which suggests that some people still use IE :o

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