Sunday, 10 August 2014

Are Friends Electric? : Tubeway Army

I'm having problems with my main PC again so I'm posting from my painfully slow and positively ancient laptop. It's so shoddy that it won't play video, nor does it have any sound... but it'll just about get me online to add today's song about a robot.

More machine than man, Gary Numan fronted the post-punk synth-pop pioneers Tubeway Army before going solo. In an interview, Gary stated that this song is set in a future world where 'friends' can be purchased in much the same way that one buys a toaster, and as the song states, his 'friend' has broken down and he's left with no one to love. Some people may deny that this song is about robots, but I reckon it's bang on topic. From 1979, I present Tubeway Army's Are Friends Electric?.


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