Friday, 8 August 2014

Bionic Skillz : Bassi Maestro

Here's another of those songs that leaves me wishing I'd paid a bit more attention at school... if I'd listened in language class I'd have a much better understanding of Foreign. I'd be able to tell you all about Bassi Maestro's Bionic Skillz. I'd talk endlessly about its themes and perspectives, its setting, how it offers a critique on contemporary culture as so many robot songs do... but I can't because it's foreign.

What can I say? Foreign rap-hop at it's most average... it does get better... honest :)

[easter egg] here's a little treat for those of you who deserve one...

A celebration of movie robots throughout the years... light years even.
The video and samples have been skillfully editied by Robbie McKane, the music is by Daft Punk... and it's not a song about robots, hence being hidden in this old post for the more eagle eyed roboteers.

Other exciting Easter Eggs can be found if you've nothing better to do...

...and if you've got this far, you've got nothing better to do. ;)

*** NOTE *** if you're voting, please vote on the song, not the Easter Egg. 

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