Saturday, 16 August 2014

Sad Robot : Pornophonique

Like a version of Simon & Garfunkel from the distant future, Pornophonique consist of a guitar playing singer and a Nintendo Gameboy button pressing bloke on a stool. From Germany and thankfully singing in the universal language of both robots and humans (English, of the British not US variety), Pornophonique formed in 2003 and after finding their feet, their fan-base and international success releasing their music for free on the interweb released their first LP in 2007 (what?... you expect us to pay for this stuff all of a sudden?!).

Taken from their first LP: 8-Bit Lagerfleuer, (trans: campfire) is Sad Robot... a charming and jaunty number about a er... well... the title says it all.

Pornophonique still appear to be active and do have a website at But before you pop off elsewhere on the interweb, don't forget to cast your vote on this, or any other songs about robots :)

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