Friday, 29 August 2014

Sexy Robot : The She Creatures

Since returning to their home planet, little has been heard from these vivacious yet vindictive and reportedly violent vixens. It has been suggested that The She Creatures may be plotting the second wave of their invasion of Earth, but that is little more than a rumour. The sleepy backwater village of Bristol in the sleepy backwater country of England witnessed the first wave of their invasion and its inhabitants recall the sheer power of their sonic onslaught all too well... but like anyone who's witnessed the terror of an extra-terrestrial attack, they'd rather not talk about it.

It should come as no surprise that any news of their first invasion was suppressed by both the media and government. It is only through chance that I stumbled across a few burnt fragments of a highly classified document which revealed The She Creatures to be an invasion force from Venus, possibly on a scouting mission. Witness statements testify that any human male who came into contact with the seductive Princess Slayer, the ravishing Nancy Raygun, the enchanting Haley Comet or the irresistible Elektra Static were captivated then appropriated, plasticised and mechanised, intoxicated then automated, subjugated and allocated before being transported to the planet Venus in a space rocket.  For what purpose? We can only guess.

This leaked video footage demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt just what the terrifying She Creatures are capable of... watch and learn, for they may return!

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